This is my online portfolio of photographs taken on or near my ranch. (with a few exceptions)

Our ranch is named the “Ponda Rosa”. It is primarily a Bird Sanctuary but we also have many different types of Hill Country critters here to enjoy as well. It is located off County Road 119 near Inks Lake and Lake LBJ approx. 6 miles from Kingsland, Texas in the Central Texas Hill Country and the Highland Lakes area.

My late wife and I grew to love feeding and watching the local wildlife.  My new wife has also picked up this passion and enjoys them with me. This led to wanting to share them with others. Over the years, we have watched countless families of deer, raccoons and other critters and birds raise their families, move on, and the cycle repeats. In many instances they have come out in broad day light to feed and drink and relax and allowed me to photograph them. Many of them are extremely funny and cute. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

This portfolio is a work in progress. I took up photography as a hobby in 2004. These photos were shot with a Fuji S7000 digital camera and a Canon EOS 50D. (Which I am still learning how to use!) Some of the photos are not real clear due to lighting and my learning curve of the camera settings etc…. but I am getting better every day. I began working on the website in August of 2005. Identifying the bird species has been difficult at times, so if you see a misidentified critter, PLEASE let me know. If you wish to use a photo from my collection, please contact me for permission rather than stealing it. These photos are copyrighted and are my sole property.





Katmai National Park, Alaska



These photos are from my July 2009 trip to the Katmai National Park at the Alaska Peninsula, Bristol Bay. I stayed at the Alaska Adventures lodge on the Alagnak River. These are my favorite photos from this trip. Please select from the drop down menu above or the links below. These photos were taken with a Canon EOS 50D with a 28-200 mm lens. All photos were hand held, many taken from a moving boat. I had a fantastic time in the wilderness of Alaska and am planning to return.