Canada Trip 2019

Georgene and I took an 18 day trip from May 2 – 20, 2019 to British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. We started by flying to Vancouver, BC, then took the famous Rocky Mountaineer train to Jasper. The trip took 2 days with an overnight stop in Kamloop. (where we won some money at the casino!). The train was a first-class experience from soup to nuts! They really know how to treat their customers. We spent a few days in Jasper, then toured down the Ice Field Parkway between Jasper Natl. Park and Banff National Park. We traveled in special vehicles onto a glacier and walked over a 1,000 ft. drop off call the Sky Walk. Scared me big time I can tell you as the floor and sides were glass. We then spent a few days in Banff touring around then took a bus to Revelstoke. We stayed with friends a few days then moved into a hotel and stayed a few days more – renting a car and being on our own. We eventually took a private limo from Revelstoke to Calgary in the middle of the night, visiting where they had the Olympics, and then to the airport for our flight back home. It was a wonderful trip we will never forget. I hope you enjoy these photos.