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These are photos of our first anniversary (we got married on 5/20/17) fishing trip to Isla Coiba National Park in Panama between May 13-17, 2018. My wife Georgene had never caught a large fish over about 7 pounds but loves to fish, so I promised her a big one… and I delivered. We went with Coiba Adventures aka owned and operated by Capt. Tom Yust. He has run this operation for 27 years and he really knows his fish. We had an absolute fantastic time even though certain aspects were a bit primitive. We knew it was going to be an adventure from the get-go and it was. A really fun and exciting adventure. The photo gallery shows where we stayed and many photos of the marlin I caught and other fish – mainly because the fish was very acrobatic over a 3 1/2 hr. period! Also, I caught and boated it using a spinning rod and 25# test line. The fish was approx. 300#. This is a rare thing for anyone to do and I am honored to have done it. (Yes, we let it go after it got to the boat!) I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed our trip. Next stop: San Jose Los Cabos for Tuna and Wahoo!

The last page has Georgene’s big Rooster Fish on it. 40# of cool looking muscle!